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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Karaoke Bands

Shanghai - the largest city in the world, a multi-cultural sea of people, a cosmopolitan melting pot of East & West.

There is so much to do in this town: world-class cultural events, fake markets & shopping malls, more shopping malls, a variety of restaurants to choose from, even a burlesque show to see - & shopping malls everywhere.

& there's live music almost every night of the week. I often go out on my days off to sit back with a Guiness & listen to the local set. There are a lot of talented musicians here in Shanghai, but surprisingly, most of the music that I've come across is offered by what I call karaoke bands. Their songs sound just like the originals & are more for background entertainment than anything else.

The only place I've found that consistently features original live music that's almost certain to be good is a place called Yuyintang. It's a bit far from where I live, & winds up being on the expensive side once you tally the cover charge, drinks, & a cab ride home after, but it's so worth it to be able to hear some creative vibes.

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