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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Large Shoes

There's this great website called Shanghai Solved where you can post a question about Shanghai & one of the other members will answer you.

Several weeks ago, one of the members posted a question about where to buy shoes for big feet in Shanghai, & another member posted an answer recommending a store on the other side of town.

I took down the address, printed up a map, & went in search of it on my day off. After several wrong turns, I found the store in an alleyway, up a set of stairs, & with no other signage anywhere except for this declaration on the door.

I went inside & was amazed to find lots & lots of shoes for big feet! & they were "normal" looking shoes too, without rhinestones or bows or funny colors that no one wants. Plus, they were reasonably priced at 150-250 RMB a pair (about US $20-$35).

I didn't buy anything this time since this was just a reconnaissance mission, but I will definitely go back there soon. I could use another pair of shoes for work, & maybe some new tennis shoes.

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