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Friday, July 30, 2010

(Cough! Cough!)

Uff! Today was an especailly smoggy day here in Shanghai. I decided to spend the day inside rather than brave the cloud. I read The Mist - I wasn't going out there.

According to Shanghaiist, the air quality in Shanghai is at its worst since 2005. I thought they were trying to clean things up to impress all those people who are in town for the World Expo, but I guess it's not such an easy task. 20 million people milling around, thousands of factories belching their filth into the air, cars & trucks & busses - oh my!

It was a stark contrast to the clear skies that we saw last week. I actually saw the moon on a couple of nights - even a few of stars twinkling in the firmament. It was a nice reprieve from the ordinary, but alas it couldn't last forever.

(The photo above was taken from my apartment on the 22nd floor. The shorter blue-grey building in the center is the mall where I work. It takes me about five minutes to walk there in the mornings.)

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