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Thursday, June 17, 2010


I've been hearing about this burlesque show called Chinatown ever since I got here, & I finally got the chance to see it last Saturday night with some other teachers.

I found the unassuming facade nestled in the alleyway of a very "Chinese" street, with knock-off clothing stores, steamed dumplings on bicycle carts, and toddlers peeing in the streets. But when I went inside, the scene was altogether different. There I found a 1930's style theater with velvet curtains, carved wood banisters and scantily clad women in sparkly costumes.

The show included an amazing rendition of Etta James's At Last sung by the same woman who belly danced around the room in the next vignette. Later in the show a Bruce Willis look alike belted out Frank Sinatra favorites as he strutted around the stage in a tuxedo.

Of course, there wasn't anything Chinese about this Chinatown. The audience was almost entirely made up of foreigners. Even the announcer spoke in English. But it was a fun night out anyway, & it wasn't that expensive, like so many of the foreigner places are.

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