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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Money to Burn

The economic crisis back home set in motion the series of events that got me where I am today - teaching English in Shanghai. I've been living out of the US for a little over a year now, & sometimes I think I've lost touch with that economic reality. I just talked with a friend in the States who says that the economy has yet to turn around, & the US Department of Labor still shows a 9.5% unemployment rate.

In contrast, business is certainly booming in Asia. Last year when I was in Vietnam, it seemed the whole country was under construction, & people were spending like there was no tomorrow.

Here in Shanghai it's the same thing. New buildings seem to appear out of nowhere. I walk down the same street twice & it's been magically transformed with new sidewalks & landscaping. & there are towering shopping malls everywhere.

When there's a public holiday like the recent Dragon Boat Festival, I always ask my students how they plan to celebrate the day, hoping to get some insight into Chinese culture. But most of them just say they're going to spend the day shopping. 

I guess that's why so many foreigners are moving to China - there's a lot more money here.

You can read more about the above photo at chinaSMACK.

1 comment:

scott said...

Hmm. Shopping? Well that's the beginning of the end already then... Doesn't sound too far behind us on the decline and fall routine. :)