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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I've been using this great website called ChinesePod as part of my language study routine. They have short ten- to fifteen-minute podcast lessons that present vocabulary & grammar points in a dialog that's often humorous as well as useful. The dialogs are simple, so they don't bog you down with lots of new information at once. This way it's much easier to remember what you've learned from day to day. Plus, it's FREE! I like free.

The other day I came across this other really cool website, Chinoesfera. It's another free podcast for learning Chinese, very similar to ChinesePod, but this one's for Spanish speakers! All the lessons are explained in Spanish, which gives me a double dose of language practice. So cool.


scott said...

Oh wow, cool!

Sunny said...

What a wonderful find! Can you recommend anything like that for those of us who are still struggling to become fluent in spanish? :)

Nancy Lewis said...

Check out Notes in Spanish or SpanishPod listed on the blog roll on the right-hand side of my blog.