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Thursday, November 13, 2008


I am coming to learn that knowledge & experience do not necessarily ensure wisdom. It doesn't matter what you have in your head if your heart is empty. But I'm still hanging on to the idea that with age comes experience, & with that comes wisdom. Apparently this is not so. I have met some very wise young people & some very naive older people. Perhaps this realization is an important element of my own developing wisdom.

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1 comment:

Gantry York said...

Wise/Wisdom is an interesting word.

If you would like to hold true to the origin of the word, then...

The word comes from 'weistum' in Old German and it was a judicial sentence meant to set a precedence. So knowning the wiestum meant that you had been around when it was decreed.

Of course the use of words change over time.

Now a days we seem to use the word 'wisdom' to mean knowledge that comes with experience.

Hence, 'wisdom teeth' indicate that you get these teeth as you get old, just as you get wiser as you get older.

But there is nothing that says you can't apply your own interpretation to it.

You seem to be saying that wisdom isn't knowledge+age doesn't result in wisdom, but knowledge+heart results in wisdom.

So what do you mean by 'heart'?

Are you talking about compassion?

It seems that you are implying that wisdom has something to do with your heart guiding how you apply your knowledge.

If that is so, how could anyone be a wise ass; wise and a jerk at the same time.