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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lazy Day Off

I love my days off.

I started the day with a group of girlfriends at Solo Cafe, a coffee shop in Tempe. Then I spent some time studying with Juliana, one of my Chinese tutors. Afterwards, I headed over to Someburros for lunch, where I ran into a former student. We ate our burros together & caught up on each other's news. Then I spent the afternoon at Kiwanis Park, listening to my friends play some really great bluegrass music. The weather was perfect for a lazy day at a music festival.

Now I'm home & I think I'll sit back & read a little of my current book, "The Life & Times of the Thunderbolt Kid" by Bill Bryson.


michelle said...

I thought your book was Pilgrim at Tinkercreek!

Nancy Lewis said...

Nope, the book listed to the right under "Check out my other blogs" is the last book that I read (or attempted to read, in the case of Tinker Creek), because it's the latest post on my book blog. If you click on the link "My Reading List", it will take you to my other blog, where you can read what I thought of Tinker Creek & other books, plus see what I'm reading now & what's on my "bookshelf".

"My Movie List" is also a link to yet another blog chronicling my movie watching.