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Friday, November 21, 2008


Wow. Owning a home is great.

There has been some water leaking onto the floor in my bathroom whenever anyone takes a shower. It happens if you take a shower upstairs or down, but the water only accumulates in the bathroom downstairs. Water has also been seeping into the closet of the bedroom next to the bathroom.

So I decided to call a plumber.

The guy came out, took a look at the water on the floor, & said that in order to properly diagnose the problem, he would have to take everything out of the bathroom - the sink, the toilet, & the shower stall. In order to get the shower stall out, they would have to cut it into fours, rendering it useless. So I'd have to get a new shower stall & have them install it, of course. Then there's the replacement of the tile in the bathroom, the floorboard between the bathroom & the bedroom, & the carpet in the closet in the bedroom.

Total estimated cost of the job: $5000

So I called my insurance company to see if I'm covered. I have a $500 deductible, but it sounds like they will pay for almost everything after that. All that's left to do is for the insurance company & the plumber to do some bargaining before they can start on the job.

However, I will have to wait until Monday for anything to happen. No one at the insurance company works on the weekends, apparently.


michelle said...

and the hits just keep on comin'....

mel said...

first of all do you have a basement? is the leak showing up in the basement thru the subflooring? what area of subfloor? there are many questions to be asked and answered before ripping out an entire bathroom. also, always get a second opinion unless you know who you are dealing with on the first opinion. either way get a second opinion for sure. sounds like the drains for the two showers tie in together but then the leak should be showing up in the basement if you have one (or crawl space). if you are on a concrete slab then you might have two problems. leaking pipe from second floor shower and bad tile on first floor. either way get a second opinion and do not rip out entire bathroom yet. that sounds like a scam!!!!!!!!!!

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Nancy Lewis said...

Thanks for your comment, Mel. The house is on a slab & it leaks from both the upstairs & downstairs showers, so I'm thinking that the drains are connected.

I will definitely get a second opinion. I think that since the insurance company will be involved, the plumber just wants to get the max out of them.