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Monday, November 3, 2008

Haunted Canyon Photos

See more photos from the weekend here.

I had a great weekend in the Superstition Mountains. I went backpacking with my friends from the Hiking Hikers Hiking Group (3H).

Friday night, we drove out to the trailhead where we camped next to ATV's & generators going all night long. It was pretty chilly out, but there were still some meteors falling overhead.

Saturday, we hiked through Haunted Canyon (it was Halloween weekend, you know), through a mostly dry stream bed. We saw lots of fall colors, yellows & reds. It was really pretty. We camped Saturday night at a cabin about 7 miles in. We had a fire, but no ghost stories. We saw a few more meteors before turning in. It got down to 40 degrees overnight. Brrr!

Sunday we hiked out a different way, finishing off the Haunted Canyon trail. It was up, up, up through lots of cat claw, & then down, down, down over tons of scree. When we made it to the road, we still had 4 miles to go, so the group decided to speed walk back to the cars.

On the way home, we stopped at Edwardo's Pizzeria in Superior. I had a pretty tasty pizza, & the rest looked like they enjoyed their meal as well.


joe said...

Your pigtails are cute! ;-)

Man, that picture of the old run down shack (# 13) is creepy. You know Jason or Mike Myers was in there waiting for you with a knife! You obviously stayed out- good move!

Wendy said...

Nice pics! I wish I could hike again for longer than 4 miles :(