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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Date with Laura

One of my students who works for the Phoenix Suns (basketball, in case you didn't know) gave me tickets for the game last night. So I invited my friend Laura to join me. We had a great time watching the game & the people, eating big soft pretzels with mustard, sipping beer, & just hanging out.

During the game, I found myself watching the details: the security crew rotated positions every so often; one of the sexy Suns-ettes spent the game happily chatting with a couple of cute guys while the rest of her counterparts sat looking bored; one of the mascots shoved one of the security guards in jest, but the guard didn't think it was so funny; there was a guy whose job it was to pick up all the sweaty towels that the players had used & put them in a laundry bag; & there was another guy whose job it was to mop up the sweat after the players "fell" (you know they were just acting).

Meanwhile, the game was going on. It was pretty close all night, but the Suns won in the end.

Thanks, Laura, for a great date!

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