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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Practicing Tolerance at the Dentist

Wow. I really don't like my dentist. I mean, most people don't like *going* to the dentist because it is painful or uncomfortable, but the dentist is usually a decent enough person. I, on the other hand, just don't like my dentist.

This morning my dentist asked me, "How's the teaching business?" I said it was slow. He replied, "Well, after yesterday's results, it won't be Spanish that we'll all have to learn - it'll be Arabic. & women will have to start wearing veils everywhere." Just like that. As a dentist, this was a very unprofessional thing to say. As a person, it was very single-minded. But that's my dentist.


Wendy said...

Good dentists are hard to find. Cynthia's on her 5th in a year...I love mine. Same one Debra goes to. If you want mind a drive up North, highly recommend!

Wendy said...

sorry, sleepy and have a major cold. If you don't MIND a drive up North... :)