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Friday, November 28, 2008

Stuck Cat

There has been a cat in the tree in my backyard for the last several days. He meows & meows like he really wants some help. The neighbors came over yesterday to try to help get him down. Elva, one of my roommates, climbed up the tree to try to coax him down. But he only moved farther away from her. I guess we're going to have to endure his constant meowing until he gets hungry enough to come down on his own.

Just like everything else in life: No matter how much you want someone else to save you from your mistakes, in the end, you can only save yourself.


Wendy said...

Cats don't usually come down on their own when they are scared...he might fall out when he dies!

Nancy Lewis said...

I guess he did come down because I haven't heard any meowing in a few days. He must have gotten hungry. Or he fell out of the tree & was eaten by my roommate's dog Cheba.

michelle said...