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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Things still look bleak for the studio. Even after I cut the prices in half, very few people are coming to classes. I've moved out of my own bedroom in order to rent it out, giving me a total of three roommates. I don't go out with friends anymore. My house repairs are going unchecked. I don't even shop at the thrift store anymore. But it's still not enough. So I'm looking for another job.

But so far, it's been difficult to get people to take me seriously for low-paying jobs. They see that I have a masters degree & that I own a business, & they think I'm just playing around. I'm over qualified, as they say. So I decided to leave the masters degree & the "owner" title off the job applications to see if that helps.

I applied at a hotel here in Tempe for the overnight shift at the front desk. I don't know how much it pays, but I'm thinking it can't be more than $10 per hour. But it won't interrupt my schedule at the studio, which is good for now.

I also applied for a sign spinner position - you know, the guys who stand on the side of the road with a big arrow that says "$199 Move-In" or "Furniture Clearance". I figure I can get some "reading" in by loading up my MP3 player with some books-on-tape & listening while I twirl the sign.

I should know yay or nay for both by the end of the week.

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