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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Park Ranger

I went on the National Park Service website today & applied for all the job openings that I thought I might even sort of qualify for. There is an amazing number of temporary jobs available, from the guy at the visitor booth that takes your entrance fee, to trail maintenance, to interpretive guide. Unfortunately, I have no experience in any of these areas. Maybe they'll let me work for them anyway. I do have lots of enthusiasm!


michelle said...

If get one of those gigs, you will have to learn the song "Wasted Rock Ranger."

Wendy said...

I met a bunch of retirees down in Southern AZ who travel from park to park in their RVS doing odd jobs such as that. They have no experience either, but they have an RV that they can live onsight in... I thought of you immediately when I was talking to them! Of course that'll work better when you take off on your road trip for life! But no experience or no RV shouldn't keep them from hiring you! They need workers! They even had prisoners on Work Release at the Caverns!

Charlene said...

When will you hear from them?

Nancy Lewis said...

I guess each position has its own time frame. I've already heard about one of the jobs that I applied for. Apparently I'm not qualified to be a Lead Maintenance Worker.