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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What's That You Say, Sonny?

I missed my date with the mountain today because I had a doctor's appointment. I've been having problems hearing lately & wanted to get it checked out. I was thinking it was just a huge ball of wax that they could remove with a flick of their magic wand.

I went to the Southwest Naturopathic Medical Center on McDowell & Hayden in Scottsdale. It's a school as well as a clinic, so your appointment is with a student under the supervision of a real-live doctor. You know, like at the massage school or the cosmetology school. It's cheaper this way, & since I don't have insurance, I took the discount route.

Not only did I get one student to observe & poke & prod, I got THREE! They must be short on patients. Anyway, they spent an hour asking all kinds of questions, including ones that had nothing to do with my hearing, like whether I suffered any rectal bleeding. I guess those naturopaths really like to treat the whole person, not just the symptom.

After a two-hour interview, & a peek through the ear-o-scope, I was diagnosed with an ear infection, which has swollen up my ear canal so that I can't hear properly. No one said anything about any wax. They have me on anti-bacterial pills, ear drops, & some anti-mucus stuff. I'm supposed to go back in a week to see if any of that helps.


joe said...

Yeah, my hearing loss started right after my rectal bleeding, too.

joe said...

ps... Hey Nancy, how come you never come over to my blog and say hello? I mean, I know I don't ever mention anything as interesting as ear infections, but I put some decent stuff!