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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hearing Imparied

After a week of vitamin A & garlic ear drops, I still haven't seen any improvement in my ability to hear. My students are beginning to get a complex about their Spanish skills because I keep asking them to repeat what they say.

I went for a checkup at the Southwest Medical Center to see how the vitamins & ear drops were working. This visit was much shorter. They looked through the ear-o-scope & found that my inner ear is not so inflamed as before, but I still have the infection. So they referred me to a specialist, whom I will see next week.


joe said...

Wow- I hope you don't have to wait a full week to see that specialist.

What age level do you teach, by the way? I took two years of HS French, and then two more years in college. I don't remember much at all. I really struggled with it.

Wendy said...

Dude I think you need to get some Oral antibiotics and see a real Dr. ASAP. If you mess around with it, you might actually lose your hearing permanently. Take it from someone who has had 3 ear surgeries and tubes in ears as a child and cannot hear for squat out of my left ear from it all...

The Gypsy Princess said...

Have you ever considered ear coning? There's one in Apache Junction. Not sure if it's something you should do with an infection or not, but it certainly does make a difference. After I had my ears coned, I was able to hear about 50% louder in my left ear than ever before. It also helps with sinus problems. Check it out!