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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Have Compassion, I Am Blind

Click here for a 5-minute short on seeing things differently.

Then scroll down & read the comment by BALDAPO.


joe said...

Nancy, I watched the video. But where was the comment to read? ...Joe

Nancy Lewis said...

The comment by BALDAPO was this:

BALDAPO (2 weeks ago)
Thanks for this video. I was as much inter rested by the comments than by the video. It's really not in my view a beautiful film, but a video with a strong message and a sharp critic. I saw it only ones, but I paid close attention on the fact that the man incarnating social success didn't gave him a dime, neither at the first encounter nor the second, and this is very significant. In a short movie like that, every detail is significant. In my view the beggar incarnates the failure of the society, and that he is blind is more use as a symbol for the message and the critic of the video than as a fact. This is to me not a video on charity and the good heart of the people, but really more on how you look at life and project yourself in it depends your failure or your success in the society. And the man in the suit is making an experiment of his life philosophy and comes back later to verify the result, and the result demonstrates his point. And of course doesn't give him any money even if he incarnates the one who has a lot, probably much more than most who gave after he changed the sign. It's really about how you look at life, your life and life around, that makes the difference, and solely you are responsible for the outcome of your life, not the society or God or nature.

I'm glad it wasn't a video on charity and the good heart of the people to the less fortunate as many comments suggested. It goes deeper by tackling at least an understanding of the problem with an answer to it. After that you agree or not, it's an open debate. So I congratulates the film maker for the courage to take the issue at its core in such a short movie...but by seeing most viewers answers to it, the charity/good heart element which is not his direct point, is taking over, maybe because a lot of people need to be reassured about themselves and human kind, so bombarded on daily basis by bad news. So in that sens the movie felt short to its core message. Overall, I will say good and courageous.