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Monday, August 25, 2008

I Need Your Junk!

Yard Sale #2 is set for Sunday, Sept. 28th, from 8:00am to 12:00pm.

I need your junk to add to my junk in order to make this sale a huge attraction for shoppers - the bigger the pile of crap on my front lawn, the more people will stop to buy said crap, & that will translate to dollars for all!

Go through your closets, your garage, look under your bed, clean out your kitchen cabinets. Don't pass things up because you think people won't buy them. If it's usable or fixable, it's sell-able. Trust me, people will buy anything. I once sold half a box of Q-Tips at a yard sale. During this past yard sale, I sold a used stick of deodorant. One person's trash...

I also need your folding tables to display the wares. If you have an extra one, bring it on over!


joe said...

Is this to fund your next big road trip?

(I can't believe someone bought a used deoderant stick!)

Nancy Lewis said...

The yard sale has two purposes:

1. Get rid of all my stuff
2. Make a little bit of cash to start my new life on the road with

I'm thinking #1 will be more successful than #2.