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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

3rd Ascent

Start: 6:30am
Finish: 8:15am

Yes! I made it up the mountain three days in a row! I must be a crazed lunatic. But not so much as some other people out there.

I'm amazed at life in Phoenix at 6:00am. There are A LOT of people out & about at that hour. Unbelievable. The construction workers looked like they had already been at it for a while. The highway on-ramp traffic signals were already blinking red & green, one car at a time. There was an anxious crowd waiting at the bus stop. It's a world I never dreamed existed.

But the most amazing thing to me was that at 6:30am, when I started my hike this morning, there were already people coming off the mountain. That means they got up at, what?, 4:00am? Astounding.

If you're not familiar with Camelback, this blog post gives you a pretty good idea what this hike is like.

1 comment:

joe said...

Nancy, good for you! I went for a run tonight, too. I think reading your blog has got me feeling more active.

Later! Have a great week... Joe