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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Walk in the Woods

Several years ago I dated a guy who really liked the idea of hiking the Appalachian Trail in one push. I wasn't a backpacker then, & was barely even a day hiker, so the idea of walking through mountains & valleys for six months without contact with civilization did not appeal to me in the least.

Years passed & I became an avid Camelbacker, as well as a dabbler in backpacking. I began to see the appeal of hiking over 2000 miles in the back country. I started to seriously consider doing the Arizona Trail, which bisects Arizona from Mexico to Utah (or from Utah to Mexico if you prefer), for a total of 800 miles. At a leisurely pace of 10 miles per day, this would take almost three months to complete. That sounded like fun.

Then I started reading "A Walk in the Woods" by Bill Bryson. He makes months of communing with nature sound utterly insupportable, questionably unhealthy, & at times downright dangerous. Perhaps I'll have to revise my plan.


joe said...

Yeah, I think Camelback is about all the hike I'm up for! I've made it to the top 3 times. This last time completely kicked my butt- I must be out of shape.

When do we see the Alaska pics, Nancy? ...Joe

Nancy Lewis said...

Alaska photos are forthcoming. I'm waiting on JD & Michelle to forward them to me. (I'm anxious to see them, too!)