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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Yard Sale - July 26th

The first yard sale will be on Saturday, July 26th from 7:00am to 11:00-ish. Stop by if you get a minute; my life will be on display!

"A yard sale in 110-degree weather?!", you say? I'm actually thinking of holding it in my living room. It'll be cooler for the shoppers, cooler for me, cooler for the stuff - & I won't have to move everything outside & then move it back inside afterwards. That, & bottled water for 50 cents should make for a great sale!

I started researching some of my "big tag" stuff on Ebay to make sure that I charged a decent price for them at the yard sale. I know that yard sales are for cheap stuff, but still, I don't want to rip myself off. I found some of the same things that I have or similar for some pretty hefty prices. If I sell them at half those prices, I could buy myself a decent vehicle - maybe a pickup to be able to pull that teardrop trailer behind.

But I'll try not to count my begonias before they've blossomed.


Gantry York said...

Maybe you should advertise some of the big ticket stuff on your blog.

Charlene said...

You should also check out for bigger items.