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Thursday, July 10, 2008


Since I started telling people about my plans, a few have commented that I might be running from something, problems or responsibility. Instead, I feel like I am preparing to stop running. I've been running on the hamster wheel long enough, & now I'm getting off.


The Gypsy Princess said...

I just think you're running to your next dream... just like I did :) And who cares what other people say anyway? Comments like that I find come from those who don't follow their dreams. So sad.

Gantry York said...

I think the cliche is, "are you running away from something or to something".

To avoid something, we run away.

To obtain something, we run to.

....and running in a circle, that is just exercise.

All of these can be good or bad things. It depends on the context.

12 years ago I ran away from the gray skies of Michigan and an oppressive career at Ford Motor Company.

My only plan was to move to Arizona. I had no job and only knew 2 people here.

Sure you can say that I ran away rather than running to something.

It turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life.

Ironically, my life did not change that much. I just restarted the same life in a different place. Basically, a do-over.

I think the greatest changes in a person's life come from when they change as a person such as becoming a parent, getting older, education, etc....not from location or daily routine.