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Monday, July 21, 2008

Let the Tagging Begin

I started tagging my stuff for the upcoming yard sale. I researched the bigger items online to be sure that I was charging a good price. I realize that these things might not actually sell in a yard sale, since most shoppers will be looking for 50-cent paperbacks & such, but I thought I might give a try anyway.

The mahogany secretary that I inherited from my grandmother is set at $500. The marble top coffee table, also my grandmother's, gets a $300 price tag. The Raggedy Ann doll that my mother found in the back of a closet: $35.

The Waterford crystal letter opener that I got for graduation but have never even taken out of the box, also $35. A massive Mexican sterling silver necklace that another grandmother curiously had in her jewelry box (she only wore things that could be called "dainty"), $30.

I have several other inherited items, as well as lots of climbing & camping gear. I have furniture (including my bed), kitchen supplies, & clothing. I also have an amazing collection of photo frames! Oh yeah, & lots of 50-cent paperbacks.

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