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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


On our road trip from Phoenix to Alaska back in 2004, Michelle taught me how to make beaded jewelry. Just like any other crafty thing I've tried, I loved it. I bought all the tools that I would need & started accumulating beads with hopes of making pieces for myself & my friends, as well as making a little money off of the hobby by selling some items online. But eventually, I stopped beading; I don't really remember why. Lack of time or inclination, or both.

Now that I've started to get rid of things, I have again uncovered my bead collection. At first, I thought I would just sell the whole lot in the yard sale - one price takes all - thus unattaching myself. But then I thought that maybe I actually could sell some of the pieces, & wind up making more money than if I just dumped the collection. That is, if anyone's buying.

This time, instead of going for form, I'm aiming for function. Instead of focusing on the artistry of creating the jewelry, I'm just going to crank out some necklaces & bracelets, maybe some earrings too, & put them out at the yard sale to be sold at yard sale prices - CHEAP!

If that doesn't work, I still have time - & a few more yard sales - to just dump the whole lot anyway.

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