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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Digs

I moved into the new apartment over the weekend. A couple of students from my former school helped me with the grunt work. I haven't counted my things yet, but I'm sure that I have well over 100. Much of this will be left behind when I leave China - books, pots & pans, a space heater - but for now, it's all part of my material realm.

Pile o' Possessions
I'm still looking for a way to slow travel without having to buy the utilities of living each time I land some place new. This woman likes to make long-term deals with hostels instead of renting an apartment. She says it's much easier than apartment hunting & much nicer too. Hostels almost always come equipped with a well-stocked kitchen or a cafe attached - or both, & they have maid & laundry service. Plus, you're much more likely to meet people in a hostel than if you live by yourself.

For now, I think I've done pretty well with my new home. The apartment is cozy & it's much cheaper than the one I just moved from (2300 RMB per month = about US $350). The roommates are friendly but quiet, & I live right next to the theater where they hold the best acrobat show in Shanghai. Really, what more could I ask for?

Take a look at the new place.

The view from the balcony
The acrobat theater is the shiny dome to the left


scott said...

Wow, very nice! Seems rather spacious!

Nancy Lewis said...

It definitely big enough for the four of us, especially since I spend most of my time in my room where it's warm :) said...

Seems like a good deal from what I have seen in Shanghai. Nancy, I am ESL certified and interested in teaching in Shanghai. Any suggestions

Nancy Lewis said...

Hi Lisa :)
What kind of certification do you have? If you like teaching kids, there are lots of great International Schools here in Shanghai. If ESL is your career path, I'd suggest checking them out with a Google search.

My school, EF, also has kids schools all over the city as well, though the teachers are more transient than at an international school.

If you prefer teaching adults, you can also consider working for EF. It's not the only adult school in town, but it's a great place to work, & the pay is good.

Feel free to contact me if you have more questions or would like to know more about working for EF. I'm glad to help!