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Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

Although it's important to continually reassess ourselves throughout the year, the start of a new year is a particularly apt time to rethink our personal goals.

It's especially important to me to set realistic, achievable, measurable objectives for myself that I can work toward. Call it a New Year's Resolution, or an Action Plan if you like, but I find that I need a structure to work by, a purpose to work toward.

I also find that I'm more likely to accomplish a goal if I let other people know what I'm working on. It makes the goal more real for me, & it makes me accountable to others, which is a great motivator.

So in honor of new beginnings, here are some things I'll be working on this year.

1. Study more Chinese by meeting with a Chinese person (either a tutor or a friend) for at least one hour per week. Build & maintain a Chinese language learning journal online. Write at least one entry per week in both Chinese & Spanish on Lang-8
When are you going to sign up?

2. Work toward becoming a location independent freelancer by taking on at least one writing, tutoring or translation job per month from websites like Verbal Planet, oDesk, Wyzant, Elance, Guru, ProZ, & DoMyStuff.
Do you know of any others?

3. Nurture my creative side by drawing more, taking more photos, writing more creative pieces, & dancing. Even though it's important to be able to measure your goals, I feel that, in this case, putting limitations on creativity would stifle it.
Do you agree with me?

What about you? What is your Action Plan for 2011?

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