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Friday, January 21, 2011

More Snow

It's been snowing non-stop for the past two days here in Shanghai. It's not supposed to snow here at all, but it's been coming down in a steady powdering of big fluffy flakes.

When it snowed here last month, everyone was excited to see the city covered in white, & it melted the next day. This time there's slush on the sidewalks & ice on the streets, & it has the whole city a bit testy.

People totter gingerly down the street as if they're learning how to walk. Umbrellas bounce off each other as people trudge to work. More people than ever are packing themselves onto the subway, choosing to get smushed rather than brave the outdoors - even though half of them decided to stay home today anyway. There were several empty chairs in the office today.

I'm looking at it as a chance to practice for Harbin & the Ice Festival. Too bad there are no hills here for snow sledding. Maybe I'll go out & make a few teeny snowmen to help liven things up a little.

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