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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shanghai Vegetarian Club Dinner

Last week I met the Shanghai Vegetarians Club for dinner at a great organic cafe tucked into the back reaches of a Shanghai alleyway called Melange Oasis. It was in a cute little shopping area with twinkly lights & lilty music, but you'd never know it was there from the street.

For 100 RMB (about US $15) we got a three-course organic vegan meal including a scrumptious choco-delight, & a thought-provoking movie, both stimulating a lot of chatter.

It's nice hanging out with the vegetarians. They're a friendly bunch & there's always really good food. Now that I have a job with normal hours I'll be able to attend a lot more of their events. Looks like I won't be eating quite so much street food any more.

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