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Monday, July 27, 2009

Tom & Jerry

They really love Tom & Jerry here in Vietnam. I see it everywhere: on TV, on clothing. There's a coffee shop named Tom & Jerry. One of the students at my school even named herself Tom & Jerry - not Tom, not Jerry, but "Tom & Jerry". Today I even saw a scooter helmet with the famous duo emblazened on the back.

At the beginning of class, I usually ask my students "What did you do today?" Many of them say that they spend their days watching Tom & Jerry on TV. Last night, I asked one of my students why Tom & Jerry is so popular. She said because it's so funny that the cat keeps trying to catch the mouse but never does - hee hee hee.

Could this have deeper ties to Vietnam's feelings towards China?

1 comment:

Steve Skinner said...

An interesting question, certainly one to ponder.