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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Finding Beauty in Bien Hoa

I stumbled on a new coffee shop today. I saw this bridge from the street & decided to investigate. Bien Hoa City is so urban that you would never expect to find this beautiful little spot here.

They gave me a table right out on the water.

They even had geese! It was my day off & I had no plans, so I had plenty of time to sit & write in my journal & watch the geese swim around.

Surprisingly, the staff warmed up to me right away. They gathered around my table, looking at my Lonely Planet book & trying out their English on me. They huddled their heads together, conversing amongst themselves for a minute or two. When they broke, one of them said: "What's your name?" Ha! I answered & we giggled together. They went back to their huddle for another conference. After another minute or two, the spokesperson asked: "Where are you from?" Another answer, another giggling session. This went on for another question or two, then the place started filling up for lunch & they went about serving coffee to other customers.