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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Scanning the Poet in Me

I've been scanning old photos, journals, school work, etc. in the spirit of my 100 Thing Challenge, as well as in anticipation of my leaving the country for adventures beyond. Some of what I've found has made me laugh out loud, including these haiku gems that I wrote in 6th grade.

The forest is calm
It can be very uncalm
I'm glad it is calm.

Flashlights give you light
They help you see in the dark
This way you can't trip.

Some rugs are shaggy
I like them that way, don't you?
Some people hate them.

Speaking of bad poetry...


Wendy said...

Cute. I found some old stuff too while packing. My poetry bordered on the ramblings of a very bored or depressed child! Hmmmm...

joe said...

You've got me thinking that I should be scanning my old photos now, too!