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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Liver Walk

I did a 5K liver walk this morning with the Snap Fitness team, headed by my friend Debra. It was her birthday on Thursday, & she requested that we contribute to the cause instead of giving her a gift. The weather this morning was perfect. It was a great way to spend a Saturday morning.

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jennifer said...

I am very proud of you, Nancy!!! I have looked up to you since we were little kids. You have always appeared to be very independant and self starting, self motiviated!! When we moved to Arizona, you were why I was not hesitant to go. I was able to spend time with you. We all have life changing moments. I have had quite a few... As you well know. But dont ever under estimate the power of family!!! I love you and wish I were ale to be out there helping you. If there is one thing that I can do, it is to love you and support you no matter what life changes happen. I recently had to face a huge dilemma. My horrible bad habits of not saving money and spending it. Not keeping a check register and spending more money on bounced checks than ever!!!! I have had to make some major changes along with tony. In January I had a major breakdown, Melissa came to the house to talk with me and together we decided I had to do something. For 12 to 13 years we have been creating this horrible mess and now we are working to get out of it. Just another wall that we have to climb. I just want you to know you are not alone!!!!! I love you and dont want you to leave the country!!!!!!! But that is your choice. If you do leave, you must promise that we can be pen pals and keep in touch just like we did in highschool. Your cousin, Jennifer LeGendre Eulate