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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Job Interview

Lady on the phone: So, Miss...
Me: Lewis
Lady: Yes, Miss Lewis. I see here that you have a Master degree & that you've owned your own business for the last five years.
Me: That's right.
Lady: So why are you interested in an entry-level position at our call center?
Me: BECAUSE I'M DESPERATE! - Ehem. I mean, I'm just looking at all my options.
Lady: (Judgemental pause) I see.


joe said...

Consider it a blessing in disguise. You DO NOT want to work at a call center.

Wendy said...

Maybe you should just stop telling the truth and see if that works. If they think you are a college drop out, maybe they'll hire you! ha!

Gantry York said...

I think that all interviewers know that an interview is just a game to see if you have prepared BS answers.

I think it only tests your ability to "play the game".

Don't lie, but spin it to your advantage. Get the job. You can always quit.

Michael said...

Don't they have call centers here? :)

Michael said... the way I basically agree with Gantry. I had a boss a long time ago with a masters in Computer Science. She worked at night as a telemarketer to make extra money. The interviewers are aware of what the economy is like and I'm guessing you're not the only person with a masters degree applying for these types of jobs right now. They're probably looking for some type of answer that shows that you're willing to get your hands dirty, and you don't expect to just show up and immediately take over their job just because you have a masters degree.

Gantry York said...

NPR did a piece on people with advanced degrees in Michigan applying for "dog catcher" jobs with the Michigan Humane Society.

$12/hr no benefits.

Michigan has the highest unemployment in the country right now.

Rhea said...

It pays to lie about how accomplished you are.