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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Visiting Otis & Justice

I went out to the Superstitions today to hike the Peralta Trail, & have a visit with my dogs. When each of my dogs died, I took their ashes up to Fremont Saddle, which has a beautiful view of Weaver's Needle. It had been almost a year since I was last there, & I wanted to pay a visit.

The weather was gorgeous today, almost hot! I passed several people along the trail going up. But when I got to the saddle, there was no one in sight. I stayed there for half an hour without a soul around. As soon as I got up to head down the trail again, a group of six arrived.


1 comment:

michelle said...

Remember when we went and threw rocks? I changed the wallpaper on my laptop to my picture of Weaver's Needle this morning... trippy!