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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Part of the master plan to be totally mobile is to scan all of my old photos & (flat) memorabilia onto my new laptop so that I can get rid of the material things & carry my memories with me virtually. Of course I'll back them up by posting them online, so that even if my laptop dies or gets stolen, I'll still be able to access the images.

I'm working on finding a scanner that will jive with my computer so that I can get started. I've tried a couple of different hand-me-down scanners without success. I'd hate to have to go out & buy a new one, especially since it goes completely contrary to the whole idea of getting rid of my material stuff. I'm sure I'll work it out somehow.


Charlene said...

What will you do with the originals? I hope you'll give them to a family member to store, just in case. It pains me to think of photos ending up in the trash or something. :o

Nancy Lewis said...

Well... I guess the whole point of scanning all that stuff would be to get rid of it - toss it out. If I could just pack it up & give it to Ma & Pa, why go through all the work it would take to scan it all?