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Monday, January 19, 2009

My Lizard

There's a lizard that lives behind one of the wallhangings in my room. He often hangs out behind the frame, doing a whole lot of nothing. I'm not sure what he eats - I imagine that he finds his share of spiders & crickets to eat. & I have no idea where his water source is.

I think I heard somewhere that in Asian cultures, lizards are good luck. Anyway, I like him, & he doesn't seem to mind me, so he can stay.


Wendy said...

I love lizards! I used to have several that lived inside the house. They find all kinds of bugs and I really don't think they need water as bugs have enough for them... The only thing I did notice is that lizard poo started showing up around the baseboards! So you might want to check for that!

Charlene said...

Yay, I love lizards too.
They *are* supposed to be good for eating bugs, and I'd definitely prefer a lizard over insects in my house.