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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Skype Rocks!

My new laptop has a webcam, something completely new, & utterly exciting to me. The other day I had my very first video phone call with my friend Michelle. & tonight, I just talked with my dad using the webcam. So cool!

I got my parents a webcam for Christmas. As part of the master plan to go completely mobile, I was thinking that I will probably want to keep in touch with friends & family on the road. With my new laptop, I can do that easily using Skype & my built-in webcam. Dad set up the webcam on his end tonight & called me.

What a cool thing Skype is!


Wendy said...

Yeah when it works! My brother uses that to talk to his enlaws in Poland and Norm to his sister and kids in Chicago, BUT it is very temperamental! Connections often drop. Looks like you haven't had that issue so far! it's VERY cool when it works and the best part FREE!!!

joe said...

I've been looking for an excuse to get a web cam. Maybe I'll get one now.

The thing is, the people that I'd really want to use it are my parents, and they'd never embrace the technology.

Nancy Lewis said...

Joe, that's why I gave the webcam to my parents as a gift. If I waited until they bought their own, it would never happen.