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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Three Cups of Tea

Three Cups of Tea is the account of Greg Mortenson's efforts to educate the uneducated in Pakistan & Afghanistan by constructing schools in the very poorest of areas. I have a few issues with the book, but nonetheless, it's an interesting story. Even more interesting is that his daughter, mentioned throughout the book, has recorded a song to go with the book. Enterprising to say the least.

I was discussing the book with my friend Debra over coffee this morning. She mentioned another organization that also aims to educate those in third world countries, Room to Read, headed by John Woods, formerly of Microsoft. Apparently this guy has even been on Oprah.

I wonder if they're hiring.

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Old Guy said...


Humility is not acquired
except through rigor and trial,
nor is its noble mantle won
rushing down a precipitant aisle.

Vanity will swifter retreat
beyond horizon's fateful line,
when each bold act is tempered
by patience's content design.

When misfortune visits unannounced
and threatens bleakness and despair,
grasp patience by its healing hand
and trust it to secure repair.