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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ear Doctor - Part Trois

I went to see the ear, nose & throat specialist yesterday. He looked in my ear, sniggered, & asked why I hadn't gotten my ears checked out sooner. Apparently I'm suffering from swimmer's ear, & have been for years. Odd, since I don't swim much. Anyway, he gave me more ear drops & told me to use them for two weeks, after which I should be able to hear crystal clear.

So why *haven't* I gone to a doctor before now? When you don't have insurance, you tend to avoid doctors at all cost, because it'll probably cost you. I spent 10 minutes with the ENT & it cost me $165, which was actually cheaper than what I expected. Hopefully it will be money well spent.

Look for the update in two weeks...


joe said...


The Gypsy Princess said...

Having now read this post, I again suggest ear coning after you finish your medication. You know how anti-doctors I am... holistic healing all the way for this gal!