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Friday, September 5, 2008

Bryce Canyon Photos

Click here for more Bryce Canyon photos

Total Distance: 21 miles

High Point: 8313 feet

Low Point: 6661 feet

Elevation Change: 1652 feet

Total Elevation Gain/Loss: 6926 feet


joe said...


Way cool photos! I especially like # 22... Were you guys able to climb up into those caves?

Were there four of you, or five? Who took the shots of the 4 of you walking away (pic # 15)?


The Gypsy Princess said...

Absolutely gorgeous & amazing views! What spectacular formations. Looks like ya'll had a blast. Good for you girl, you did it!

Nancy Lewis said...


Glad you liked the photos. No cave climbing - that would have been too much like work.

There were seven of us in the beginning, but two dropped off fairly early. The rest (five) of us hung out together most of the time.

The photos are actually a mix of everyone's photos, so whoever is not in the picture is the one taking it.