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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I Survived!

I'm back in Phoenix.

The hike was HARD! It was uphill both ways! I'm not kidding. I'm glad that I had a good group of people to hike with or it would have been miserable. On the contrary, I had a surprisingly good time over the weekend.

We hiked ten miles through a part of Bryce Canyon that most people don't see, into the pines. It was beautiful of course, but different than what most people think of when they think of Bryce.

On the way in on Saturday, the sun was beating down on us, which made for some really good photo opportunities of the surrounding landscape, but made the 10-mile hike that much harder. I was exhausted when we finally made it to the camp site.

On Sunday, we did the same hike backwards. It rained pretty much the whole day, a relief from the hot sun, but I was drenched to the bone & covered in mud. I was so glad when we finally made it back to the car. The first thing I did was take my hiking shoes off.

Monday, since we didn't see the famous hoodoos on our backpacking trip, we did a 4.5-mile hike through the hoodoo valley. I was so tired from backpacking that it felt like another 10-mile hike.

After the day hike through the spires, we had an 8-hour car ride ahead of us. I finally made it home around 10:30pm, & I promptly went to bed.

I don't have my own camera, so when I get the photos from the rest of the group, I'll post them here.


joe said...

Welcome home... Anyone who could hike Camelback as many days in a row as you did last week was gonna be fine! I knew it!

How large was your group? Did you camp in tents, or was it warm enough to just do sleeping bags? I haven't camped in years.

Get those photos! Later... ;-)

Wendy said...

Wow, I didn't realize this is what you were doing! Welcome back. I did that hike years ago. I have a camera you can have!!!