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Friday, September 26, 2008

Antici... Pation!

Unlike just before the first yard sale, when I was a little nervous about selling my stuff, this time I'm impatiently awaiting the day when I can unload all my crap on the rest of Tempe. Back in July, I was just at the beginning of this anti-material endeavor, sure that I wanted to undertake it, but not sure how I would feel about it once it was done.

Since then, I've sold my bed, among other things, & collected (in the voice of Cartman from South Park) "tons & tons of crap", which is now piled in my living room to be sold at the yard sale this Sunday. Every day I find something else that I want to get rid of. It feels great, cleansing. I can't wait to get it all out of my house & onto my front lawn.

After the sale this weekend, I won't be saving any of the remains for another yard sale. I'm calling the local thrift store to come scoop it all up & take it away. I'm sure my roommates will be relieved to finally have a living room back after several months without one.

1 comment:

joe said...

Did you have your yard sale yesterday?