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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Student Essay: The Life of a Reindeer

We've been talking about Christmas in our classes for a couple of weeks now, so students have become quite familiar with the holiday traditions. In my writing class, I asked the students to come up with their own holiday stories. Here is one by Jill, a 20-something design engineer.

Rudolph as a big red nose, which is different from other reindeers. For this, all reindeers laugh at him, don't allow him to join them to play game. Rudolph liked CiCi who is a beauty female reindeer, but he has no encouragement to say to her. One Christmas Eve it is very cold and heavy snowy. Santa Claus asked Rudolph's help to carry him to spread the gifts. Rudolph was very happy. He ran very fast but too many families. In one accident, he broke his legs, but he insisted to hold on. Jesus saw the performance of him. He asked CiCi to come to help. CiCi helped Rudolph to aid the legs. Rudolph can run again. CiCi also being proud of him, she thought he is the hero of reindeer. They fall in love. No reindeers laugh at him at all. In reward Jesus gave both of them immortal life.

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