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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Student Essay: Change of a Shepherd

We've been talking about Christmas in our classes for a couple of weeks now, so students have become quite familiar with the holiday traditions. In my writing class, I asked the students to come up with their own holiday stories. Here is one by Smile, a university student.

Once there lives a shepherd. He always dreamed of that good luck would fall on him some day, so he didn't concentrate on his sheeps, just for his day dream for his businesses. Sheeps couldn't receive good care, not plenty of output and also not in good quality. On the Christmas Eve many twinkle stars came down through the chimney and turned around the whole sheep, then disappeared. Nothing left! When the shepherd was so anxious to find out where the sheep had gone, a fairy turned up. "You're not a qualified shepherd. You're always think of getting out of expection but ignore what you owns already! Now I'll take them away and leave you alone!" The shepherd was suddenly awaken by that dream, and he realized that the most important was to cherish what you already have.

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