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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Turning Shanghainese

♫ I think I'm turning Shanghainese, I think I'm turning Shanghainese, I really think so ♫

Lately I've noticed a few changes in my behavior. I find myself jumping lines, or at least sticking my elbow in front of people to preserve my place. The other day I caught myself pushing & shoving to get on the bus. Last week I stole a seat from someone on the subway - well, I just got there first. & this morning I impatiently pushed the "close" button in the elevator, as every other person in Shanghai does. Could I be turning Shanghainese?


Michael said...

Do those "close" buttons actually make the door close faster, or are they just there to entertain people while waiting for the door to close?

Nancy Lewis said...

Ha ha! I wonder that myself :)