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Monday, August 2, 2010

I Prefer Squatty Potties

One thing that might be new to you if you travel to China is what I like to call the squatty potty. Not all bathrooms have them, but if you're not traveling with a Westernized tour, you're almost certain to come across one at some point.

Using a squatty potty for the first time could be quite intimidating. Is it sanitary? What if I fall in? However, I actually prefer them over "normal" toilets.

Shanghai is not the cleanest place, & public restrooms are no exception. There's no way I'm parking my tush on a public toilet seat here. & since bathrooms don't usually come equipped with toilet paper to cover the seat with, you wind up hovering over the bowl, hoping that you don't miss, praying that your legs can hold out long enough to support you while you're doing your business (why did I drink that extra cup of coffee this morning?). Then there's the question of digging tissues out of your purse while in this prone position. Not fun.

On the other hand, there's no need to hover with a squatty potty. You can crouch all the way down & relax while relieving yourself. It's a much nicer experience - & much cleaner, actually, because you're more likely to hit the target.


Steve Skinner said...

When I visited Japan in the 1970s this style of toilet was very common. Using it was sort of like riding a horse!

scott said...

What a fun post! But how do you read? :-)

Yes, i remember seeing them in japan in late 80s, but never had to use one. Now of course japan has these super electronic toilet seats that pamper you....