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Thursday, June 3, 2010

One Year

Today marks one year since I left the US to live abroad. It has been quite an interesting year. Although I miss things from home, like road trips & uncensored internet, I'm so grateful for this opportunity to live & work in another country.

In addition to teaching English to some really amazing people, I've climbed on the ancient ruins of Angkor Wat; I've participated in a death anniversary celebration in Hanoi; I've lazed on the tranquil beaches of Thailand; & I've navigated the bustling subway system of Shanghai.

It hasn't been without it's frustrations, but that too is part of the experience. I'm curious to see what adventures await me as I begin my second year as an expat.


Gantry York said...

Where next?

scott said...

Happy Anniversary! :)

Nancy Lewis said...

Where next? Who knows? I'll be home next January, but probably only for a visit. Then I'll go where the wind takes me.