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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Chinese Bakery

Every morning on my way to work I stop at the bakery on the corner, a Taiwanese chain store called Cafe 85ºC. The pastry window looks like something you'd see in France, but I usually just stick to the coffee, which is nice & strong - perfect for starting the day.

By now they know me there, & I always order the same thing, so most mornings when I walk into the shop, someone yells out my order before I get to the counter:

mei3 shi4 ka1 fei1 re4 de
American style coffee
I go to the "Bread cash" counter & pay my 8 RMB (about US $1.15).
Then I go over to the "Pick up the goods Section" to wait for my coffee. In just a few minutes, I have a steaming hot cup o' joe.

I thank the nice people at the cafe (谢谢 xie4 xie4), & go on my merry way.

ming2 tian1 jian4
See you tomorrow.

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