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Friday, October 23, 2009

Spaghetti Dinner

My wonderful sister-in-law Mae sent me a care package, which I picked up from the post office yesterday. It was filled with yummy treats from the US.

Last night I shared some of the booty with Katie & Jimmy. We had a basic American style spaghetti dinner, complete with bread & olive oil.

It was Jimmy's first American meal. He politely ate a few bites as Katie & I chowed with joy (nom, nom, nom). But then Jimmy decided to pour on some soy sauce (instant Vietnamese yum!), & quickly devoured the rest of what was in his bowl. After dinner, we taught Jimmy the phrase "food coma" :)

Thanks Mae for a great meal!

1 comment:

Hyp0xia said...

Spaghetti, pizza, buffalo wings, sausage, tempura, quesadillas--in my experience, they've got to smother them all with half a bottle of Vietnamese chili sauce. I'm always wondering why I bother taking any of them to expensive foreign restaurants.